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FCA - Facial Condition Analyser

As a Solution Architect for the FCA team, I managed a tech stack consisting of React, Node, and Express. I took a proactive approach in identifying and resolving any impediments to the project's success, providing the client and the team with the most effective solutions and suggestions. Throughout the development cycle, I ensured adherence to established processes and procedures, while working closely with cross-functional teams across different time zones to achieve the project goals.

Screenshot of FCA application

Mester Gronn

As a Technical Architect, I was responsible for leading the frontend UI project, which involved setting up the initial frontend architecture required for the project. Additionally, I implemented a hybrid React and SFCC checkout process, ensuring a seamless end-to-end flow. To achieve the best results, I provided guidance to the team and facilitated their learning of React. Furthermore, I engaged in client discussions, ensuring that their requirements were met and expectations exceeded.

Screenshot of MesterGronn Site


As a Technical Architect, I led a small team of two UI developers in developing Proof of Concepts (POCs) for the client, showcasing challenging interactions while ensuring the product was customizable to meet the client's unique needs. Additionally, I played a significant role in developing a complex search feature that helped the client easily find specific products.

Screenshot of Zwilling site


In my role as a Technical Architect, I was part of a challenging and creative project that expanded my knowledge and expertise in the field. I provided leadership and support to the team, guiding them to overcome technical obstacles and delivering high-quality solutions that met client expectations. Additionally, I played an active role in client communication and ensuring that best practices were followed throughout the project lifecycle. One of my key responsibilities was to ensure ADA compliance for the site, and I successfully met those requirements. I also played a crucial role in integrating 3rd party services and tools to enhance the functionality of the site.

Screenshot of AltarDState site
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